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How to adjust office chair seat angle

adjust office chair seat angle

The tilt tension adjustment balances your weight so the chair can be tilted with ease.

The ideal tilt tension lets you lean back in your chair with minimum effort, but with enough resistance to provide back support at any position throughout the tilt range.

Normally, this adjustment is performed once. To increase or decrease tension turn the knob located on the underside of the chair, clockwise or counterclockwise.

You have the choice of keeping the seat in a free–float (rocking) motion or locked into one selected position.

How to lock seat angle in one position

To lock the seat into one position,

  • pull up on the lever labeled allowing the chair to rock.
  • Find your preferred seating position
  • and then lower the lever to the down position to lock the seat angle.

How to keep seat in a free–float (rocking) motion

Pulling up on and locking the lever labeled in the up position activates the free-float option.

Note: see tilt tension to adjust the free-float balance

Forward Tilt Lockout

When activated, the forward tilt lockout feature maintains the seat angle parallel to the floor in the resting position. You can still free-float (rock) in your chair.

When de-activated the seat is allowed to tilt forward (an inclined position of 6º ) To activate or deactivate this feature your chair must be in the reclined position.

  • To activate (limit forward tilt) the forward tilt lockout rotates the lever located directly beneath the front right corner of your seat in a counterclockwise direction.
  • To de-activate (allow forward tilt) rotate the lever in a clockwise direction.

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