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Top 2 Best Bar Stools In 2021 You gonna Love


As it is our human nature to search out as much comfort as possible, as with everything else in our day-to-day living what classifies as comfortable seating has changed considerably.

Take into account the humble bar stool, if I told you that the origins of these are all the way back in the Byzantine era you might be surprised. Back in the times of royalty one’s social standing was also defining the type of sitting they would be allocated, from the basic stool or bench seat to the most prestigious throne.

It is thought through the bar stool got its origins from the battle camps all the way back during the Byzantine era, when the soldiers assistants would sit on stools to wait on their masters, later these stools were found in the soldier’s cafeteria and pubs that would allow a larger number of patrons to sit in the cramped little rooms, this trend has certainly continued.

Fast forward to today and can you imagine any coffee shop, pub, restaurant or even home without a bar stool?

Funny how we take things for granted. Incorporate into this mix some innovation, better medical understanding of human physiology and posture and you might find yourself amused at the amount of money and technology that has gone into revamping the humble footstool.  Like many others we all too often choose our footstool as a matter of style or ensuring it matches the other furniture in our home, it is very important though that we also consider factors such as comfort, padding, and back support.  

Best Bar Stools

1. Homall Bar Stool Walnut Bentwood – Best Comfortable Swivel counter height bar stools

best Bar Stool

The classical and stylish design along with high quality PU Leather and plush wood finish these stools will certainly add some class and elegance to your home, office or your business.

The design features 360 smooth swivel with adjustable height well padded using good quality foam and excellent craftsmanship ensures these stools will deliver comfort and style.

Able to support up to 288 pound with the added back support and great positioning of the footrest and the polished steel base along with the rubber based anti-scratch bottom will make sure your floors do not suffer the normal ware and tare of traditional bar stools.

The hydraulic lift system provides for very easy height adjustment and durable product no matter where you use it.


  1. High quality PU Leather
  2. Hydraulic lift
  3. Well padded and wide sitting base
  4. Extra back support


  1. Lowest position is 28 inches
  2. Finish easily scratches

2. Winsome 94084 Satori Stool 24 – Best counter stools

Best counter stools

Nothing beats the true classic, these stools made out of solid beech wood come in a variety of colors and are the perfect breakfast bench stool.

The wide bowed seat provides sufficient support and sitting room even for the big boys the design itself is the classic four-legged well-styled stool that would easily fit any breakfast bench if you are looking for something simplistic and great value to have at your home bar and these are a perfect choice.

Packaged they come with very easy to follow instructions along with a complete toolset, assembly is about 20 minutes. Even though they do come packaged to assemble they certainly do not look like budget buys, their design is supple and stylish enough that they do add some class in any home, suitable for indoor or outdoor use so long as they are kept out of the weather.


  1. Classical design
  2. Hardwood
  3. Very stable four feet base
  4. Sturdy design can hold more than 250 pounds


  1. Very wide base takes up a lot of space
  2. No adjustable height

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