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Best Budget Office Chair Under 100

Best Budget Office Chair Under 100 Low Cost But High Quality


If you are looking for the best office chair under 100, this top will definitely help you make a choice. Finding the best budget office chair requires a lot of research and it can be tiring, but you surely don’t want to make a choice that you will regret later. Below you will find a list of the most appreciated budget office chairs along with a short description and a few pros and cons for each. Read them thoroughly and only choose one product when you know for sure it is the one that suits your needs best.

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1. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

Present on the Amazon’s Choice list, this chair is a perfect choice for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on an office chair. The chair is a high-back one, made of bonded leather and PVC parts. The upholstery gives it a luxurious look that makes it resemble high-end chairs that are much more expensive than this. Users can obtain the premium looks and feel at a smaller price. The seat is padded, and it is meant to offer full support for the whole day. You can adjust the height of the chair using the pneumatic system which is very resistant. Users shouldn’t worry about breaking the pneumatic adjustment system, as it is made of strong materials. Applying force might be required to get the chair at a lower level.

The maximum weight capacity of this chair is not very surprising, as it can only support 275 lbs., but it is enough for a fit person that doesn’t need an adjustable width in an office chair. The rolling casters are very smooth and strong. You can use the chair on a specially-designed carpet, but not directly on the floor, as it may damage the flooring. Users can adjust the tilt of the chair as well, making it rock back and forth or stay in place, using the tilt-tension knob. The Swivel is a 360-degree one, and the casters are made of nylon. Amazon’s chair is definitely a good choice for those who want good features at an affordable price. The only downside might be the thin bonded leather that wears easily than real leather.


  • Very comfortable cushioning
  • Adjustable tilt and height
  • Easy assembling process


  • Possible squeaking noise when rolling
  • The bonded leather may chip off in time

2. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Looking for a mesh chair that won’t leave you with empty pockets? This one might be the best choice you have. It is an ergonomic chair from Modway that features light breathable mesh fabric all around the back, as well as the thick breathable mesh for the seat padding. The chair is well-contoured to offer passive lumbar support and comfortable sitting experience. This mesh chair is great for daily heavy usage, as it offers all necessary conditions for maintaining a correct posture throughout the day. It can support up to 331 lbs., which is perfect for those who need better weight sustenance. One of the downsides would be that you can’t change parts with this chair. You should enjoy its original upholstery until it wears out and once it does, you should replace the chair entirely instead of replacing hardware parts.

As for adjusting level, the chair can be adjusted in terms of both height and tilt. The chair comes with an extra adjustable feature – the armrests. If you want to place the armrests in a certain position to fit your height and support your posture, you can do it with this mesh office chair. Another important feature would be the one-touch height adjustment system, which brings the chair back to its initial height in a matter of seconds. It is important to mention that the seat is also adjustable, meaning that you can choose your preferred seat cushion angle. You can lock the chair at a certain tilt level. The casters are dual-wheel ones, which means you can safely use them on both carpeted and hardwood surfaces without damaging them.


  • Strong structure that can support up to 331 lbs.
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Adjustable seat, back, and armrests


  • The tilt lever may be difficult to operate
  • The seat cushions can go flat in time

3. Serta Style Hannah I Office Chair

Serta Style Hannah I Office Chair

The Serta chair is one option you don’t want to miss if you’d like to choose between bonded leather and microfiber. Bonded leather is known for wearing out easier than microfiber, but the latter might be more difficult to clean. Nevertheless, this chair gives you the chance to opt for any of these finishes. As for comfort, the chair is fully padded, and it includes a headrest for extra neck support. The pillows used for cushioning are layered to add more plushness to the chair. The seating experience is truly comfortable with the Serta chair, as the cushioning has a curved shape to provide users with exceptional lumbar support for the entire back, from the neck to the lumbar area.

The casters are dual-wheel ones and they are made to keep any surface protected and last in time for as long as possible. The materials used for this chair’s parts are all durable, making this buy worth it for the small price. The seat edge comes in a waterfall type to add less pressure to the back of the legs and support blood circulation in this area. Using this chair for a long time can reduce back pain and body fatigue caused by sitting down for too long. The chair is also highly adjustable. You can accommodate your needs by setting the height. You can also use the recline mechanism to lean the chair back. Use the tension knob to adjust the recline resistance based on your preferences.


  • Microfiber or bonded leather finish
  • Adjustable height and tilt
  • Dual-wheel casters for floor surface protection and durability


  • The assembling process can be complicated
  • The cushions can wear out quickly

4. BestOffice Ergonomic Executive High Back Office Chair

Another one listed among Amazon’s Choice preferences, the chair from BestOffice might be the best deal you can get under $100. This chair offers the most impressive weight support you can get for this money. If you encountered back support in the past years because of sitting down long hours, this ergonomic chair might do the job for you. It is designed to give you the needed level of comfort and lumbar support. The backrest has thick padding and the seat cushion is specially designed to relieve leg pain and encourage healthy blood flow.

One of the best aspects of this chair is how good it looks. If you’d like to complement your office’s design, consider investing in this chair. It is stylish and designed to look like a luxurious chair, even though its price is affordable. The cushion placement not only contributes to the design of the chair but also encourages adopting a healthy posture during work. The chair has a soft PU leather finish and stain-resistant padding. Cleaning this chair won’t be a problem, which means you can use it for years without damage.

The measurements of the chair are specifically designed to suit everyone’s needs. You can adjust the height from 19” to 23”. The back lumbar support system is adjustable as well. The tilt can be set and locked in place as needed. The chair follows the natural curve of the body and conforms to a healthy physiological posture while sitting.


  • The chair can be adjusted in terms of height and tilt
  • Armrests have thick padding
  • It has lumbar support and layered cushioning


  • The assembling process takes more than 15 minutes
  • PU leather peels easier compared to other fabrics

5. Homall Gaming High Back Executive Office Chair


Wondering whether you can buy a gaming chair under $100? Well, this chair will answer all of your questions. The Homall gaming chair can be used as an executive or gaming one, depending on your needs. It is a very comfortable, ergonomic chair that will exceed your expectations for sure. It comes with a built-in headrest and full back support. The material used for this chair is high-density shaping foam that encourages a comfortable experience yet stays firm in time. The chair has a steel frame, which ensures a long service life, as well as sturdiness and stability. In terms of upholstery, the chair has a PU leather finish that is not prone to wearing out or peeling quickly.

It supports up to 300 lbs., making it suitable for a wide range of users. The casters are also high-quality. They roll quietly and keep the flooring undamaged. They were tested for up to 1000 miles of rolling. The swivel is a 360-degree one, which is perfect for multitasking or moving from one desk to another, combined with the multi-direction casters. You can adjust the chair in height and tilt. The chair tilts anywhere between 90 and 180 degrees and it can be locked in position using the knob behind the seat. Many users consider this chair the best buy for the price. Gaming chairs are not usually this affordable, so the price-quality ratio is amazing for this product. The only big downside it has would be the non-adjustable armrests, which are quite important for a gaming chair.


  • It is very easy to set up (not longer than 15-20 minutes)
  • It is comfortable and offers back support
  • Great value for the features it offers


  • Non-adjustable armrests
  • Quite heavy which means it’s easy to tip over

6. Furmax Mid Back Mesh Desk Chair

Furmax Office Chair

Mesh chairs are usually expensive, but this one from Furmax is quite affordable, not to mention it is high-quality. This is an ergonomic desk chair that provides users with lumbar support. It is purposed for intense usage, providing a very comfortable experience for those who spend a lot of time sitting at their desks. The padding used is thick and breathable. It is designed to reduce the pressure placed on the back and legs. Sedentary people should choose this mesh chair because of the fabric’s quality of letting the air circulate. The materials used are Nanoscale, which is meant to resist in time to a high level of abrasion.

As for the features of the chair, it has a 360-degree swivel that allows switching from one position to another very quickly, without involving force or encountering squeaking. The base of the chair is made of nylon. The casters are made of nylon as well and they are designed for smooth rolling and great stability. If you have a hardwood floor, it would be recommended to use a chair mat to avoid damaging the surface. This chair can support up to 265 lbs. and it received the BIFIMA certification for daily working. Besides the breathable mesh, the back of the chair has two plastic lumbar support accessories to sustain a healthy posture. 


  • Easy process for assembling
  • Adjustable in height and tilt
  • Lumbar support and breathable mesh combination


  • It can’t be adjusted in width
  • It doesn’t have an exploding safety system

7. AmazonBasics Classic Leather Mid-Back Office Chair

AmazonBasics Leather Mid-Back Office Chair

An Amazon’s Choice product, this classic leather chair is the most suitable choice if you are looking for a product that offers many features for a small price. The chair comes in a bonded leather finish, an appreciated type of upholstery for those who want the chair to resist in time and be easy to clean. The seating is padded in layers, which means it offers firm support. The chair is slightly curved, offering the user the proper level of back support as well. It is a good choice for those who spend a lot of time at the office but wouldn’t like to spend a fortune on an office chair.

Like most office chairs, this one is adjustable via a pneumatic system. The casters are great if you don’t want to damage your carpet and to obtain the needed mobility. The 360-degree swivel contributes to how flexible the chair is as well. If you switch between offices very often, this chair will be a pleasure to use. You can modify the tilt of the chair as well and lock it in place using the resistance knob found under the seat. The materials used are strong and the cushioning is suitable for daily usage. The looks of the chair are a bonus, considering that it comes in an elegant finish that would fit any office décor just right. It is similar to office chairs that are twice more expensive, all for a small price and a good quality ratio.


  • It is a very sturdy chair
  • The bonded leather is high-quality
  • It is fully adjustable


  • The cushioning might wear out in time
  • The armrests are not very strong

8. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Flip Up Arms Task Chair

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Flip Up Arms Task Chair

Finding a good mesh chair is difficult, but this one might put an end to your searches. You shouldn’t spend a fortune on mesh office chairs. Instead, find one that offers a balance between price and materials used. One example is this chair that comes in a contemporary design style and looks much more luxurious than it actually costs. It is close to the $100 limit and it offers exactly what you would want from a mesh chair. First off, it has a built-in system for lumbar support that is an essential factor when purchasing a mesh chair. The lumbar support system will keep your posture correct throughout the day.

The chair is made of ventilated mesh, which means that your skin can breathe when spending a lot of time at your desk, preventing skin problems. The seat is padded, offering an experience that is both firm and comfortable. It comes in a waterfall shape to promote healthy blood flow in the legs and to avoid any type of pain or swelling from long sitting hours. What is even more impressive about this mesh chair considering its low price would be the level of adjustment. It can be adjusted both in tilt and height, which is very convenient for those who prefer a certain type of posture while working.


  • Breathable mesh
  • Built-in lumbar support system
  • Adjustable height and tilt


  • The armrests are not adjustable
  • Plastic structure

9. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Black Mesh Chair

This is a mesh chair that probably respects all of the requirements you may have in mind for an office chair. If you spend a lot of time sitting on a chair, you already know how dramatic the effects of this activity can be. This is the reason why you should pay great attention when buying a chair, especially a mesh one. A chair like this one should meet your expectations, as it offers anything you may desire for under $100. It is known for its high degree of comfort. Mesh chairs are breathable and friendlier to the skin, besides being comfortable and offering back support. To sustain a good posture, this chair also has a contoured back with firmer components.

Contrary to popular belief, this mesh chair can support a lot of weight – up to 225 lbs. The mesh used for this chair is strong, yet breathable, which is an unbeatable combo. Don’t worry about your flooring either. One of the features of this chair is represented by its dual-wheel casters. Move the chair around without worrying about scratching or distressing the carpet or floor. Don’t forget about adjustability either. The chair can be adjusted in both height and tilt, while also having the possibility to use the tilt-tension knob underneath it. You can turn the chair in any direction, thanks to the 360-degree swivel.


  • Breathable mesh
  • Added support from T-shape armrests
  • Border details for extra back support


  • The cushion is prone to flattening in time
  • The armrests are not padded

10. BestOffice Cheap Desk Office Chair

BestOffice Cheap Desk Office Chair

For people who’d like to purchase a chair that is highly adjustable, this might be the best option. It is a mesh chair that is suitable for both professional offices and homes. Its design makes it great for any type of décor and the fact that you can install it in less than 10 minutes transform it in a convenient choice for sure. It is made of strong materials, thus receiving the BIFIMA certification. Even so, the chair has a limit of 250 lbs., which is pretty generous for a mesh chair, so it isn’t necessarily a downside. As for comfort, the chair seems to be a perfect choice for those who tend to spend a lot of time at their desks.

It is an ergonomic chair, which means it supports the natural posture of the spine to reduce back strain. The layout of this mesh chair is specially designed to offer lumbar support. As mentioned before, it can be adjusted from all points of view. You can modify the height and tilt, you can set it in place or make it rock back and forth. It all depends on your preferences and needs. The lift used for the height is a Class-3 gas one and it is known for how time-resistant it is. The chair is overall stable yet comfortable at the same time.


  • High weight support of up to 250 lbs.
  • High degree of comfort due to possible adjustments
  • Ergonomic shape and breathable mesh


  • Armrests are positioned quite low and can’t be adjusted
  • Some parts are made of breakable plastic

Considering that you’ve managed to read until here, it’s time to list our favorites. For a bonded leather chair, you should opt for the BestOffice Ergonomic Executive High Back Office Chair, as it is the most balanced and it was reviewed by no less than 2,200 customers. For a mesh chair, take into account purchasing the AmazonBasics Mid-Back Black Mesh Chair, which offers all the features you would want from a mesh chair for the smallest price possible. In the end, it’s your pick, so choose the chair that respects your requirements.

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