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Guide to Finding the Best Desk Chairs For Your Needs


Finding the best chair is crucially important for people who spend a lot of time sitting at their office desks. If you are one of these people, then you know all about the problem of not having a good ergonomic office chair.

Without the right chair, you are at risk of back pain from the lack of proper back support. Due to the computer-based operations of most jobs these days, many people spend way more than 40 hours every week seated in front of their desks.

Finding the best desk chair for you should then be an active undertaking. Don’t just take your desk chair for granted. There are now several kinds of ergonomic chairs, so there are also a lot of factors you should carefully consider when looking for the best chair. Here are some important factors you should first run through before you make a purchase.

Helpful Tips on How to Find the Best Desk Chair

1. Budget: Always set your budget before you start shopping. This will help you significantly narrow down the existing choices. When you set your budget, be clear about what you want. If you want a designer office chair with all the ergonomic technologies, then don’t set your budget below $800 or even $1000. But if you’re OK with a cheaper ergonomic office chair, there are existing options minus the famous brand and the famous designer, and you can get some within the $300 chair to $500 price range.

The challenge in budgeting for the best desk chair is that there are very few mid-range products. The available options are either affordable or expensive chairs.

2. Material: Chair designers are getting more and more creative these days. So you have to be clear about what kind of chair you prefer; again, this will narrow down the choices. Desk chairs are divided into those that are made of fabric upholstery, leather or the new widely used ergonomic material, which is mesh.

Leather office chairs are nice because they have a sleek professional look. They are also pliable and adjust to varying temperatures. When it is cold, the leather tends to warm up as you sit on it.

Leather is also easier to clean and maintain, as it doesn’t get easily stained.

Mesh has its own merits. It is known as the ideal ergonomic material for a chair because it can mold itself to your body. This way, your body gets all the support it needs regardless of how you move around in your chair. Not everyone loves sitting on the mesh, though.

3. Adjustability: The true ergonomic chair should be flexible and adjustable. The best desk chair should be able to offer the best possible feeling throughout the time you spend sitting on it. Have you noticed how you can never be comfortable in just one position for a long time?

So when you buy desk chairs, you need one that can properly fit your body and also allow you to make adjustments from time to time to ensure maximum comfort at all times.

The most important and basic adjustment is the height of the seat, relative to the lumbar support region of the backrest. The ideal height of the seat is the level that will make your thighs horizontally parallel to the ground and your arms level with your desk.

A helpful ergonomic adjustment, not all chairs might have but would be very beneficial is the armrest height adjustment.

4. Lumbar support: It does not matter if you choose a mid-back or a high back as long as you check the lumbar support of the chair. Of course, a high back is definitely better, because it can also support the head, neck, and shoulders.

But the crucial area that is affected most when you sit for a long time is your lower back or the lumbar region. As long as this is supported, your chair will be comfortable and ergonomic.

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