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Office Chair Casters and Replacement Parts

Guide to Office Chair Casters and Replacement Parts


Office chair parts like casters, wheels and gas lift cylinders can help extend the life of your office chair.

You can repair and maintain your chair at its optimum good-as-new state for many, many years by ordering the right office chair replacement parts. Simply replacing the office chair wheels, mats, or base and adding cushions can restore an aging chair to new life.

This is especially useful to those who do not want to go through the trouble of shopping for a new office chair because they’re perfectly comfortable with their old chair.

It’s not easy to get comfortable in a chair, especially if it is new and unfamiliar. A lot of people feel at home only when they sit on the same office chair they’ve had for the longest time.

If you have the same attachment to your office chair, or you simply don’t have time to shop for a new one, getting office chair parts will help make your old chair usable again.

So which parts can you replace to repair your office chair?

Types of Office Chair Parts

  • Pneumatic gas lifts and other mechanisms
  • Armrests
  • Back shells
  • Seat shells
  • Bases
  • Casters or wheels
  • Gas springs

Common Office Chair Problems Repaired With Replacement Parts

Several of the common problems that plague an office chair have a lot to do with broken or damaged parts.

1. Damaged or Worn Office Chair Casters

Some of the most vulnerable parts of a chair are the casters. Casters can be rather sensitive. If you use them on floors of the wrong surface type, they can easily get damaged.

If you notice that your chair does not seem to move or roll as smoothly as it used to or if you start seeing some wheel marks on the floor, changing the casters can solve the problem.

Fortunately, casters are the easiest office chair parts to buy. They are fairly affordable and are widely available. However, if you buy from a different source and not from your manufacturer, you would have to replace all the casters even if just one of them is damaged.

2. Worn Gas Lifts

Most office chairs use pneumatic gas lift mechanisms in order to adjust the height of the chair. This is the most commonly used adjustment in a chair. That’s why the gas lift that adjusts the chair’s height can easily get loose or worn out over time.

If you notice that your chair doesn’t stay at the height you set and keeps sinking, this is a sign that the pneumatic gas lift mechanism is already worn out and does not properly hold the weight anymore.

In some cases, the seat may also lower each time you sit down. Sometimes, the seat height cannot be moved at all anymore.

This means that it is no longer unable to carry the load. What you can do is replace the pneumatic gas lift mechanism.

3. Backrests

Backrests are a bit challenging to repair because you’d have to replace the entire structure of the chair. You can still buy backrests to replace the one in your old chair, but usually, when the backrest is severely damaged, it would be better to replace the entire chair.

Replacing Office Chair Parts

If you need a guide in replacing office chair parts, better take out your owner’s manual. There is definitely no better guide than one specifically designed for your office chair brand and model.

Your manual won’t just tell you how to replace office chair parts, but also where to buy the parts you need for repairs. It’s always ideal to buy the necessary parts from the manufacturer of your office chair, rather than buy generic replacement parts that are equivalent to the parts you need.

Keep in mind that parts bought from the same manufacturer will fit and work better. These office chair parts are usually identified as “original equipment manufacturer parts” or OEM parts.

Get Free Office Chair Repair Parts with Your Warranty

Before you order or replace a part on your office chair, also make sure to browse through your manual and check the manufacturer’s warranty that came with your office chair.

If you buy from the more expensive brands such as Herman Miller, you will probably have at least three to five years of warranty for the office chair replacement parts. For cheaper brands, the usual warranty period for replacement parts is one year.

If your chair is still covered by its warranty, you can order the OEM part you need from the manufacturer at no cost.

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