Back Support Office Chairs

Your Guide to Back Support Office Chairs


Are you looking for a back support chair to help relieve the pain in your back when you spend long hours at the office?

You’re in for a pretty challenging hunt. Chairs for back problems are hard to find because there are so many important features to consider.

But if you don’t pay attention to the back support of your office chair, you’re in for long, grueling hours of trying to work despite a nagging pain in your back.

Improper posture is the number one cause of back pain for a person who spends a long time sitting. And since offices are now mostly automated, most employees spend hours sitting at a desk or in front of a computer.

How Your Back Should Be Supported While Sitting

  • Despite how it seems to effortlessly hold the body upright, the back is rather sensitive. Your back can be very meticulous when it comes to choosing a healthy, comfortable chair. In choosing, you have to start with the spine.
  • The lower part of the back should curve naturally inwards towards the abdomen. This is the area that needs the most support, so your back support chair should have a backrest that curves inwards in the lower area, and the curve should be filled by preferably a cushioned part to prevent pain.
  • Aside from that, the lumbar region requires extra care. There should be plenty of support for the main lumbar area, which is the point at which the chair and your back meet.
  • One problem is that a lot of chairs don’t get this right. Some chairs have good lumbar support but the support is in the wrong place and does not quite hit the spot. This is a common complaint and an unavoidable one because the exact position of the lumbar area is unique for each person and depends on your height and body type.

Now, if you already suffer from chronic back pain or hip pain, sometimes even a good back support chair won’t do the trick. In such cases, physical therapy may be necessary. So if your back feels fine now, don’t wait until the pain starts to develop and get a back support chair as soon as you can.

What to Consider When Buying Ergonomic Back Chairs

Here’s a list of the factors you have to pay attention to when you want to buy a back support chair.

1. Price: For the price, expect to invest around $1500 for a high-end ergonomic back chair. If you don’t really put that much emphasis on brand, you can get some good back support chairs for as low as $300. If you want to increase the value of your office chair without an increase in price, look for one that offers a good warranty package. Some companies even offer special promotions like a three-week trial period to see how you and your back support chair get along.

2. Design: You also need to consider the design of your chair. The design usually affects the effectiveness of the supportive features of the chair, and also affects how your chair will look in your office.

3. Adjustability options: The factor that you should spend the most time on is the adjustability of the chair. There should be controls available to move the chair’s lumbar support, seat angle, armrest, and total chair height. The presence of these adjustability options helps ensure that your chair fits your body’s unique shape.

Some experts have shared what they think are the standards you should look for in back support chairs. Aside from the regular seat height adjustments, a back support office chair should have plenty of other possible adjustments.

The seat dimension should be anywhere between 17 inches and 20 inches, while the backrest should be anywhere between 12 inches and 19 inches.

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