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Home office upstairs or downstairs – Easy Solution


I am a full-time digital marketer, working from home almost every day for 8-10 hours.

Since you have ended in my site doing Google by typing this kind of word “Home office upstairs or downstairs” that means I’m pretty much sure you’re suffering from the same problem as me.


I was too in such a dilemma to set up my first office space, whether I would set up my office on the upstairs or downstairs. So I made several good points in the note to get rid of that dilemma so that I could easily make the right decision. Oh, let’s say I now have two offices one is located upstairs where I do my daily office works, and another one is located downstairs which I use for the meeting. However, without further ado, let’s talk about those things which will help you to take decision effortlessly about it.

Before deciding where to set up the office on the upper floor or the lower floor, these questions need to be answered:

  1. Will you need to have meetings in your home office?
  2. Maybe you have a practical job or hobby.
  3. Are you demanding full-time desk job from home

”Moving my office upstairs made a huge difference in how I feel working in my office.”

Maybe you have a full-time desk job and want a quiet personal space for working then the upstairs is the best place for office set up, on the other hand, I would like the downstairs for ease in answering the door, moreover, if I am alone at home and often have to come down for different needs.


If you’re working a demanding full-time desk job from home then you need to set up your home office upstairs. When you are working professionally, therefore, you need a quiet place, where nobody will disturb you.

Downstairs office:

On the other hand, for general household work such as school paperwork, paying the bills, internet browsing a bit then you might be spending a few hours a week in your home office and require little space then the downstairs office is ok that doesn’t need to use for long. As well as if you want a communal home office where you’re whole household need to share an office space This type of office is good to locate downstairs near the main living area is usually a good place, moreover located near the main living area so that adults can supervise how much work is going on and what’s on the computer screen.


If you are a little untidy type of person like me and also lazy to keep the office clean then it is good for you to have a place where your guest will not be fortunate to see it. If you have a plan to leave office if needed, without cleaning your mess that you have made in the office and after coming back you want to start working straightly without wasting time from there where you left off work, then definitely upstairs is the best option for you.

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