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Best Ergonomic Most Comfortable Office Chairs

13 Best Ergonomic Most Comfortable Office Chairs


Sitting while working in the office might not be as comfortable as it sounds, be it for long hours or for short, especially if it’s not on the best office chair. In fact, health problems like backache, spine injuries, hip pain, sciatica, and so much more have been linked to wrong sitting positions. The real truth is that, though technologies increase our productivity, they are the highest contributors when it comes to discomfort. This discomfort can interface with our ability to give ours all into the work we are doing.

We spend lots of money on what we wear, pc tablets and phones, don’t you think it’s high time we focus and invest more on the type of chair we sit on? After all, it has to do with our health! Besides, we spend more time at our jobs than at home taking care of ourselves. Many people tend to neglect the right sitting practices while working, be it at home or in the office. And that’s why several companies have gone the extra mile to design the best ergonomic chairs for offices and home offices.

The right ergonomic chair can make sitting while working a memorable and comfortable experience without having to worry about the consequences or negative impact on our health. This is something you wouldn’t find in the standard or traditional office chair. It is designed to suit a range of people with its adjustable and unique features aimed at providing support and correcting posture issues; giving your body balance and protecting it from any future pain that may arise as a result of wrong sitting position.

But it wouldn’t be ideal to just run into the mall and buy any chair you find, to the one that looks most pleasing to your eye. There are some essential features you need to take note of before you can lay your hands on the most comfortable desk chair or computer chair. Using reviews from experts and users, we have made a comprehensive compilation on the best ergonomic and most comfortable office chairs you can use as desk chairs, home office chair or computer office chair.

1. Boss Office Products B991-CP – Most Comfortable Office Chair

Boss Office Products B991-CP Chair

If you are a “big” or above average individual trying hard to find comfort while working, then this is the chair for you! The Boss heavy-duty big and tall executive chair is one of the most comfortable office chairs you’ll ever come across. With its multiple adjustable features and s-shaped contours, this chair provides back support and keeps your spine and back aligned to the right position. Having a 6-inch adjustable height range which is supported by a heavy-duty pneumatic gas lift that allows you to adjust the chair to your desired height with a single pull.

You don’t have to stand up to do this, you can do it from the comfort of your chair! Sitting for long periods has just become more comfortable, with the chair’s built-in lumbar that supports your lower back, decreasing the risk of back pain and a heavy duty spring tilt mechanism and seat height adjustment of 19.5 inch–22 inches.

With its smooth and supple bonded leather-ish material upholstery, the Boss heavy-duty tall and big executive office chair gives your office that sophisticated, elegant look and at the same time proving your body with maximum comfort and tranquility. Ergonomically designed, the seat pan and backrest of the chair were made with layers of double plush cushion padding that gives you that superior and consistent, comfortable sitting experience. Unlike the regular standard office chair, this chair comes with curved armrests that have padded leather upholstery for added forearm, wrist and hand support while working. With its 3-inch dual wheel casters, you can swivel 360 degrees and run many errands within your office while sitting comfortably on your chair. The boss heavy duty executive chair was built on a 27-inch brushed metal 5-star base that can effortlessly support a weight of up to 350 pounds!

Though hard to assemble due to its enormous size, this chair gives you that maximum calmness and comfort you’ve always desired while working and at the same time prevents the risk of musculoskeletal pain.


  • Comfortable cushion padded spacious seat pan and backrest with unique leather-ish upholstery
  • Ergonomically designed with curved contoured backrest and built-in lumbar support
  • Durable, yet comfortable design that makes it hard to trip or fall
  • Strong solid armrest


  • Chair assembly, not a one-man task

2. Herman Miller Embody Chair – Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

If you sit in a chair at the office for more than four hours, then you definitely have to take a look at this chair! The Herman Miller Embody chair is one of the top ranking best office desk chair/computer chair possessing the highest number of ergonomic features there is. Designed to keep your body relaxed, this chair focuses on the stimulation of oxygen and blood flow, with its unique exoskeleton that resembles the human spine. Its narrow back allows you to reach and twist while its exoskeleton automatically adjusts to your body’s curve.

This chair is so comfortable that is gives you a feeling of floating while working with its back cushion and unique seat pan (made with four layers of material) making your weight evenly distributed as you sit. Suitable for both upright sitting and leaning back, the Herman Miller Embody chair is so perfectly constructed that it moves as you move; in the process, keeping your spine and lower back well aligned thereby alleviating back pain caused by bad posture. Have you ever come across a chair with adjustable seat depth? Well, here it is! Two levers at the bottom of the seat allow you to adjust the seat depth keeping your thighs in the perfect position regardless of how tall, short, big or small you are. After all, it’s not called the world’s first “health positive” chair for no reason, this chair defines ergonomics.

The Herman Miller Embody Chair is built on a robust, stable graphite base and comes with a tilt limiter that prevents unnecessary tilting, which may lead to backache. It also has fully adjustable armrests, and a balance dimple/golf ball look and prevents heat buildup. The only flaw of this chair, which might not really be a flaw considering its great ergonomic features is the price tag that comes with it. Besides what do you expect from a chair that comes with a twelve-year warranty?

However, it’s quite firm, which may be a pro for people suffering from compressed discs or back pain, and con for those who prefer a softer chair.


  • Adjustable Seat Depth that aligns with your thighs
  • Multi-layered seat pan that evenly distributes weight
  • 12-year warranty
  • Breathable


  • Non Adjustable armrests
  • High price tag

3. Steelcase Gesture Chair – Best Office Chair

Steelcase Gesture Chair

Now here is another ergonomic beast! Inspired by how the human body moves, the Steelcase Gesture chair was designed for the individual who works with desks or screen (computers, televisions). It was created specifically to correspond with the way we interact with advancing technologies. Using a unique technology, this chair mimics the neck and spine movement, adjusting to the body’s posture. To suit with the various body positions, you can adjust the armrest back and forth to and swivel it to 360 degrees! Nothing could be cooler than that.

This chair gives you the total freedom to move your body the way you want to without causing misalignment of the spine, back or neck. The seat pan of the Steelcase Gesture chair is made with carefully placed air pockets beneath the foam, which gives consistent support and comfort to a wide range of users.

Responding immediately to users’ adjustment, the chair comes with easily operated knobs that control seat height, seat depths, and tension variable backstops. For comfortable alternative postures, the armrests are placed towards the back of the chair, and the seats have soft edges that help align your thighs as you sit. Powered by an adjustable torsional spring, the core equalizer of the Steelcase gesture chair moves with the seat angle and back, providing more lumbar support in an upright position and less in a deep recline posture. The height of the chair can be adjusted and readjusted to suit your taste or based on your office desk.

Just like the Herman Miller Embody Chair, the Steelcase gesture also comes with a high price tag!


  • 3D adjustable armrests
  • Covered by Steelcase warranty
  • Live technology that moves with the human body
  • Various adjustments


  • High price tag
  • NO locking mechanism for armrest

4. HON BSXVL721LH10 Exposure Mesh Task Chair

HON BSXVL721LH10 Exposure Chair

The HON exposure mesh task chair was ergonomically designed to take care of your body and give you all the comfort you deserve while working. The chair was intelligently made with contoured sandwich mesh seat and mesh back design that gives your body all the support its need to concentrate on work. With its multiple adjustment knobs, you can modify the seat position back and forth, and adjust the seat width and seat height depending on how spacious or high you want it to be.

This seat padding is covered with a breathable fabric made on a comprehensive framework of plastic and metal, this unique office ergonomic chair gives you the ability to move to the perfect spot with its adjustable lumbar control which comfortably aligns your back and hips; preventing the risk of backache. With the chair’s synchro-tilt control and adjustable arms rests, recline feels more natural and comfortable.

The HON exposure mesh task exposure is built on a durable, strong five-star resin base and durable wheels. These make swiveling around and moving from one place to another within the office much more manageable.

Despite its unique features, this chair can do with a little bit of more padding as several users have complained about the seat compressing after some few months.


  • Unique breathable mesh and fabric
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • synchro-tilt control
  • Adjustable armrests.


  • Thin seat padding

5. Herman Miller Aeron

Considered as the pioneer of office ergonomics and having decade’s worth of smiling users, the Herman Miller Aeron was designed based on the biomorphic principles of the body. From its craftsmanship was the birth and advancement of almost all the ergonomic chairs presently in existence. It’s unique, simple, yet exquisite and comfortable design is close to none. Designed to correspond with the biomorphic of the human body, this exclusive feature gives it the ability to reduce lower back pain and neck pain like no other ergonomic chair.

Unlike the recently designed ergonomic office chairs, the seat pad and backrest are made with woven mesh material instead of soft plush cushioning. Despite this little setback, the Herman Miller Aeron surprisingly keeps you comfortable and relaxed while working. It has a waterfall seat edge that improves blood circulation and relieves pressure around the legs and thighs as you sit.  In addition to this, the chair has a posture fit mechanism that supports your pelvis and lower back, allowing it to tilt naturally and keeping your spine well aligned, hence reducing back pain.

For exceptional support, this chair has a pellicle suspension that conforms to your body. This reduces pressure points and clears out body heat that builds up while working, keeping you cool and comfortable all day long. With its advanced tilt mechanism, this chair allows you to pivot your neck, hips, ankle, knees, and shoulders naturally without stress or pain.

Take a backrest and rest your neck while maintaining your posture with the cushioned headrest and high and wide contoured backrest that keeps your lower back and spine well aligned.

Just like the Herman Miller Embody, made with 95 per cent recyclable materials and comes with a twelve-year warranty, the Herman Miller Aeron gives your office or home office that casual yet elegant look.


  • Pretty easy to assembly
  • 12-year warranty
  • Made from 95 percent renewable materials
  • Multiple adjustments with breathable mesh
  • Naturally adapts to the body’s movement


  • Armrest can’t be adjusted high enough      

6. La-Z-Boy Delano Office Chair – Most Comfortable Office Chair

La-Z-Boy Delano Office Chair

If you love the softness and opulence plush and comfy leather chairs come with, then you’d definitely fall for this one. Elegantly crafted to give your office or home office that sophisticated, sleek look, the La-Z-Boy Delano office chair has a delicate chestnut bonded leather upholstery accompanied by walnut-colored wood. This bonded leather is effortless to clean and quite durable, taking a long time before it starts to crack or brittle.

Comfort is at its peak with the multiple layers of memory foam plush cushioning, which though firm, provides exceptional tranquility and support to the body. All parts of this chair (including the armrests) are covered with lush voluminous memory foam padding that hugs the body and takes you to comfort-land. The seat has a waterfall edge design that relieves pressure around the legs and increases blood circulation; this waterfall edge design also makes it hard to slide down regardless of your height.

This ergonomic tall and big chair has a padded cushion headrest and built-in lumbar with a contoured backrest that keeps your neck, back and spine well aligned, preventing and providing relief for lower back pain. Built on a robust solid base and 5 wheel casters, the generous and ample seating pan gives you the comfort you deserve, with a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds!

The Delano La-Z-Boy tall and big has multiple adjustments that give you the ability to increase or decrease the height and tilt and recline the chair to a preferred angle.

Despite its unique upholstery, the finishing leather of this chair isn’t breathable and can get hot and increase the probability of sweating in a less ventilated office. And with so much padding some users feel that the chair though comfortable might be a little bit too firm, especially for the not so big or tall people.


  • Soft plush memory foam padding
  • Waterfall seat edge design for added blood circulation
  • Spacious and broad seat pad
  • Stylish and supple design


  • Non-adjustable armrests
  • Non-breathable faux leather

7. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair – Best office chair for neck pain & Lower Back Pain

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest

Do you love to recline with your head rests comfortably, and you are looking for the perfect ergonomic chair to suit tall physique? Say no more! The Ergohuman high back swivel chair was created for that. It has a high and broad backrest with adjustable lumbar support; an ergonomic feature that provides support and comfort, keeping your Back and spine well aligned and in position. With its breathable mesh seat pan and backrest, this chair improves blood circulation and prevents you from excessive sweating while working.

Unlike most ergonomic chairs, this chair gives you the ability to tilt and lock both forward and backward. You can also adjust both the contoured seat height and seat depth; increasing blood circulation and relieving pressure around the thigh and hips, these unique features provide added support and long term comfort.

It has an astonishing imaginative 3 piece backrest that is designed specifically for the Back and neck to relieve tension. Leaning or reclining backwards can be tedious, leading to a lot of pain around the neck and shoulders without a proper headrest. The chair was perfectly and intelligently crafted to solve that. The backrest is made up of 3 sections, these sections are designed differently but in such a way that they correspond with the curvature of your Back and neck. The lowest part is more pronounced and responds automatically to the amount of pressure you apply hence, providing your Back with constant support.

Built on a sturdy metal base and 5-star dual caster wheels, this Ergohuman chair makes it easy for you to swivel 360 on the move from the printer to the coffee table to your desk. It doesn’t matter whether your office Floor is cover with hardwood of carpet, the movement just got easier!


  • Can be easily customized with its multiple adjustments
  • Breathable mesh
  • Adjustable contoured lumbar and head support
  • Tilt lock and recline positions
  • Strictly ergonomic


  • Could use some foam cushioning
  • More suitable for tall people

8. Amazon Basics High-Back Executive Swivel Chair

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

If you’re looking for a cheap/affordable chair to keep you comfortable while working, then you should consider the Amazon basics high back executive swivel chair. Made with commercial standard materials, this chair has a bonded black leather upholstery beneath plush foam cushioning. The chair has a butterfly seat pan with Curved contoured backrest that keeps your Back and spine well aligned; an essential ergonomic feature that helps relieve pain associated with the lower Back. With its multiple adjustable settings, you can adjust the seat height to the desired position from the comfort of your chair, with just a single pull-up or pull-down.

Using the handle/armrest of the chair, you can control and adjust the tilt of the chair, from not rocking at all to rocking backwards or forward. Beneath the cushioned seat pad, there is a tilt-tension knob which makes rocking back and forth harder or easier, depending on your desire.

The executive chair swivel offers a wide range of motion for multitasking convenience, built on a foundation of durable nylon casters makes it easier for swiveling 360 and moving from one area of your office to another. You can now go make that instant coffee at the lunch area with those smooth-rolling casters regardless of what your office floor is made of!

However, this chair does come with some setbacks. For example, many people have complained about the way the non-breathable leather begins to crack and wear off after a few months of usage, in addition to the squeaking sounds it makes.


  • Affordable chair with decent ergonomic features
  • Soft, comfortable padding
  • Tilt-lock mechanism


  • Non-breathable leather upholstery
  • Though cheap, not durable enough

9. Alera Elusion Series Mesh Multifunction Chair

Alera ALEEL41ME10B Elusion Series Multifunction

Having a simple look, the Alera Elusion mesh Multifunction chair isn’t like any regular chair you’d come across. This chair has so many ergonomic features at a pretty affordable price. With its Multifunction mechanism, this chair was made for multitasking. Merging mesh and fabric, this chair features a cool, breathable backrest which prevents sweating and increases oxygen flow even in a non-air-conditioned office. This chair, however, does not come with adjustable lumbar support, though the backrest itself is flexible. The contoured seat pad is cushioned with premium fabric upholstery and has a waterfall edge designed to improve blood circulation and help relieve and prevent pain that might occur around the thigh and legs.

What could be better than adjustable armrests? The Alera Elusion Multifunction chair has padded slant T-bar armrests that can be adjusted both in width and height, enabling you to set it to a preferred angle. This makes it possible for you to keep your arms in line with your desk to prevent wrist issues. The movement just got more comfortable with this chair’s five-star base wheel casters that enable you to move swiftly and freely.

Its unique Multifunction mechanism allows you to adjust the back angle to correspond with the seat, and tilting the chair to free floating or lock position. This helps support your lower back and keep it in the right place hence improving posture and relieving tension.

A few reviews, however, have shown that the Alera Elusion Multifunction chair squeaks a little bit. So if you are looking for a more quiet experience, you might want to look somewhere else. Many people also feel that the seat is a bit too firm and can use some cushioning.

It may look too simple and may be cheap, but this chair provides a decent amount of comfort in the working environment, be it home or office.


  • Multiple adjustments almost in every dimension
  • Breathable mesh backrest
  • Waterfall seat edge design for maximum comfort and stability
  • Affordable
  • Tilt lock rather than tilt adjust


  • Adjustable lumbar support not present
  • Seat cushion a bit too hard

10. Homall Gaming Office Chair – Best gaming office chair


The Homall gaming office chair is one ergonomic chair that guarantees superior comfort and luxury at an affordable price. Ergonomically designed to suit the need of people who spend quite a lot of time seated, in front of their screen either gaming or working with their computers.

It is rested on a strong premium steel metal framework are five durable rolling plastic casters that make moving around the office or gaming room much more comfortable. This chair comes with a 90-180 degree backrest adjustment that takes recline or leaning to take a nap to a whole new level. If you are tall or huge, then you have nothing to worry about. With its tall backrest and wide spacious seat pad, covered in soft synthetic leather, the Homall gaming office chair provides maximum comfort and support. The armrests though, cannot be adjusted, but are not padded are so well positioned to the extent that sliding underneath an averagely sized computer desk wouldn’t be a problem.

For added support while in the recline position, this unique ergonomic gaming chair has an adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillow. This lumbar support pillow just like the seat and backrest has high-density foam beneath that synthetic carbon upholstery. That means you don’t have to worry about misalignment of your spine or lower back, neck pain while seated up or in the recline position. The chair has an SGS approved safe gas spring and can hold a weight capacity of up to 330 pounds!

The Homall gaming office chair being a low budget chair; therefore you must expect some limitations. Many users have complained of the finishing leather upholstery; the leather though soft has an overpowering, disturbing smell which doesn’t go away after several months of usage. This smell may be due to the flame resistant coating with which the leather has. Apart from that, it needs a lot of maintenance to prevent it from fading and brittle after some time.  Also, many wished that the backrest and seat had more foam padding that may prevent the seat and backrest from early compression.


  • High recline angle of up to 180 degrees
  • Affordable
  • Tall and spacious providing comfort for huge and tall individuals
  • Adjustable head and lumbar support cushions


  • Requires a lot of maintenance
  • Hard to assemble
  • The leather smells awful and feels like a fake.

11. High Back Black Mesh Executive Swivel Office Chair

High Back Black Mesh Executive Office Chair

Sitting for long hours while working or gaming can be very tedious. The high Back mesh executive office chair was brilliantly crafted to resolve that.

The padded seat pad is made with breathable mesh fabric that improves air circulation and oxygen flow, hence keeping you cool and preventing sweating even after long hours of usage. Furthermore, the waterfall edge front design of the seat pad relieves pressure around the lower legs and thighs and increase blood circulation.

Finding a comfortable chair with adjustable headrests and armrests can be quite challenging. This ergonomically crafted chair comes with fully adjustable armrests that could be flipped up. So if you prefer an armless chair, or you are liable to switch to one randomly, this chair can serve as one without making you go through the stress of detaching them all together, or buying a new chair. With their chrome plated nylon base, these armrests give the chair a contemporary and unique appearance.

The high back mesh executive chair just as the name implies has a high backrest design with built-in lumbar support. This lumbar support prevents and eases back pain and tension by keeping your lower back and spine well aligned. Also, the chair has an adjustable headrest, which can be moved up or down to complement the high Back of the chair. If you are the type that takes quick breaks during working hours, then you’d love the tilt Lock mechanism feature that gives you the ability to lock your chair while in recline or rock position.

For easy mobility, this ergonomic chair was built on a sturdy two-tone chrome plated nylon base with 5-star wheel casters. This chair swivels 360 degrees easily to get the maximum use of your office space without strain.

As much as how comfortable this chair is, it has some significant drawbacks. The seat pad can use some more foam or cushion, a lot of users have pointed out that it compresses/shrinks after about a year of use.


  • Waterfall seat edge design
  • Adjustable headrests
  • Fully adjustable armrests that can be flipped up to make the chair look armless
  • Breathable mesh backrest
  • Tilt lock mechanism


  • Seat pad not well padded
  • A bit hard to assemble

12. Essentials High-Back Executive Chair


This luxurious racing-style gaming chair gives your office that sophisticated look and at the same time providing you with the maximum comfort you need. Bonded in smooth and soft leather (which you can clean with a few dry cloth wipes) upholstery, with contrasting white stitches complement it, this chair merges comfort with quality. The essentials high Back chair features a contoured segmented padded backrest with inbuilt lumbar support that holds the lower back in an upright position. This position minimizes the risk of sciatica, spine and lower back pain.

The seat is padded with multiple layers of foam and cushion and has a waterfall edge design. Therefore, when sitting for long hours, you need not worry about the pressure that might build up around your upper and lower legs. This unique design increases blood circulation and has got you covered!

The chair also comes with an integrated headrest which provides the upper part of the body with added support; making recline and rocking much easier and more comfortable. Customize the chair to suit your needs with its adjustable seat height, center tilt and tension control, which gives you the ability to swivel 360 degrees. So you can now take a break or move from one place to another within the office with its 5-star dual wheel casters.

The padded loop arms provide support and added comfort to the upper body by keeping your arms and wrists in line with your desk, thereby preventing pain and numbness.

The essentials high Back executive chair is pretty easy to assemble, and gives your office that sleek, luxurious look, and provides maximum comfort at a very affordable price.


  • Waterfall seat edge design that improves blood circulation around the leg and thighs
  • Built-in in lumbar and head support
  • Segmented leather upholstery
  • Tilt lock mechanism
  • Easy assembly


  • Armrests are not adjustable

13. VANBOW Extra High Back Mesh Office Chair

VANBOW High Back Leather Office Chair

Being one of the top most affordable comfortable ergonomic chairs ever to be reviewed, the VANBOW Extra High Back Mesh Office Chair is truly one of a kind! One might think that due to its meager price, this chair may come short in quality, well we are glad to let you know that you are wrong! Having a waterfall seat edge and backrest design, this chair has integrated lumbar support, which, together with the high Backrest, provides maximum comfort. This breathable mesh high back has an inbuilt headrest that gives the upper body added support when relaxing. You don’t have to worry about your head or neck, not resting properly while working or taking some minutes to break after a long work session.

For easy mobility around the office, the chair has nylon chrome smooth rolling caster. While the whole chair rests on an extra strong metal base making it hard for you to trip or fall. Furthermore, you can set the height to the desired position based on your preference, swivel around, and rock or recline back and forth with nothing to worry about. The completely adjustable armrests provided added support to the upper part of the body and relieve pain and pressure that may build up around the hands. Therefore, whatever your body type, posture preferences, or health issues, you can’t go wrong with this infinitely customizable and flexible task chair.

The VANBOW extra high Back Mesh Office Chair though very comfortable, draws the curtains in some areas. A lot of reviews have shown that you wouldn’t find this chair quite favorable if you are below 6 inches, the high backrest and inbuilt head support just won’t suit you. The uncushioned backrest and stiff seat pan could cause discomfort for those looking to have a softer experience.


  • A durable and robust base for long term usage
  • An ergonomic breathable backrest that increases oxygen flow and prevents sweating
  • Adjustable. Seat and armrests
  • Quite durable


  • Stiff seat pan with little Cushioning
  • Though affordable, this chair doesn’t quite have an appealing look

Verdict and Ending Notes

Are you a gamer, a designer, a freelancer an editor or a photographer who spends hours editing and highlighting his/pictures? Regardless of your profession, your productivity at work is much determined by the type of chair you sit on, especially if you are the type that spends 8-10 hours stuck in that chair. We invest millions of dollars on the outlook of our environment, and technologies, don’t you think it’s high time you invest more on the type of chair you sit? Without burning a hole in your bank account or wallet, you can treat yourself to one of the most comfortable ergonomic chairs there is. The chair can be your most valuable asset at work as it can determine your health status. It controls the way you move your body while seated, and the way you move around your office or work environment without hurting your Back, neck or straining your arms and shoulders.

Hence, we’ve gone through some of the most comfortable ergonomic computer chairs and desk chairs and presented to you the best of them. Based on your budget, preference or physique, you can choose the one which suits you the most. Also, always remember to take some few minutes off to stretch your legs, hands and back during working hours. This will help lower the risk of musculoskeletal pain and tension and increase blood flow. Stay healthy, invest in a good chair today!

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