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best saddle chair

Best Saddle Chair: How to Pick In 2021

best saddle chair

When considering the influence of medical and workplace therapists on improved work processes where a huge emphasis is placed on the design of work surfaces including desks, keyboards, beds it is no surprise that a whole army of engineers and designers have taken on the challenge to design the best saddle chair for their specific industries. In every profession, different functions cause different types of strains on the body muscles, however with the ever-growing influence of technology on our work force an alarming number of young people working professionals and students are suffering from back problems and effects on their posture. Whilst many advances have been made through improving processes, techniques even developing special equipment for use to aid and prevent back injury the predominant factor is bad sitting posture and over prolonged periods.

Innovation and technology

The technology and innovation of saddle stools have given rise to an entire industry dedicated to this particular piece of furniture, materials used in the construction has also gone through advancements, today it is very common to see stools made out of leather, plastics, metal and even combining different materials, it is as much about style, elegance, and art as it is about comfort, versatility, and practicality. The major focus is on ergonomics, proper circulation back and neck support which all put together has been proven to deliver much better productivity and less downtime from staff suffering back and hip pain

Focus on your posture

If your profession is amongst those considered to be high risk such as those in the dental industry, surgeons, beauticians, masseurs, office workers perhaps you ought to give a little more attention to what you are sitting on whilst you are at work, in the long run, it might save you a lot more pain then it will take to review some products available on the market.

Through our research, we did also find quite a few users of the saddle stool with preexisting conditions such as bad knees, arthritis and discuss hernia who also found themselves in much better performance by switching their standard chairs for one of the saddle alternatives. The choice is quite overwhelming and it is best to understand what it is you are looking for instead of grabbing the cheapest or the only one in stock, some features which are also available and should consider include, hydraulics, 360 swivel options, with or without a backrest, adjustable height smooth wheel movement and options for tilt positioning this especially for those with pre-existing back or neck problems.

Best Saddle Chair

Table Of Content

If you are someone looking to purchase your next saddle stool we will look at just some of the options available in the market today, we will look at the different features and options available. This detailed review will look at materials being used, the specific characteristics and features, pros and cons of each product

1. 2xhome Ergonomic Adjustable Saddle Stool Chair with Back Support

2xhome Ergonomic Adjustable Saddle Stool Chair with Back Support

Designed with comfort and support in mind, this Saddle Stool chair is made with a sturdy lightweight metal frame, supporting amount of padding and for hygienic purposes is bound by PU leather.

The chair comes for self assembly which extremely simple three step process. The chair comes with or without the adjustable back rest, depending on your needs.

Because of its design for use across many different vocations whilst providing great posture support and its tilting base motivates better sitting position and minimises the risk of slouching whilst reducing neck and back strain.

For those professionals in the dental, beauty or pharmaceutical industry this saddle stool chair has the added benefit of easily adjustable height from sitting desk position to a standing position whilst still giving you enough comfort and support to you neck and back.

Because of its ergonomic design this saddle stool chair is also suitable for students or professionals that spend extended periods at  sitting positions as it motivates much better leg positioning and prevents slouching due to the added tilting options it will help your students or even yourself look after your posture, neck, and back whilst allowing you comfort all along.


  1. Simple to assemble
  2. Great amount of padding
  3. Individually adjusting seat and backing
  4. Tilting options for improved posture
  5. Adjustable height from sitting to standing position
  6. Five caster wheels for improved balance


  1. Not suitable for smaller frame people
  2. Seat is quite large

2. Jobri BetterPosture Saddle Chair

Jobri BetterPosture Saddle Chair Stool with back support

The better Posture Saddle chair has been designed with your body posture in mind.

-Its design allows for better leg position whilst seated alleviating strain in the back of the legs.

The ergonomic design with its tilt settings will help in you setting the chair to your desired angle forwards or backward.

Its strong steel construction and tubular metal frame easily support up to 250lbs. The easy to clean steel will help you to maintain your saddle chair without too much effort and the five-point support makes it particularly stable and very light movement in all directions even on carpeted surfaces.

The saddle design further promotes better blood circulation to your lower legs which is always of highest importance especially for those in professions of, dentistry, medical, cosmetics and other. Time and time again medical specialists have been alarming us to the effects of long periods of incorrect sitting especially for office workers and professions mentioned above.

Without the backrest, this stool further promotes better posture and encourages strength of your core muscles which further supports your neck and back.

For those particularly hygiene conscious the easy clean padding will make cleaning a breeze and the highly durable material will keep you at peace. The gas lift adjusts will give you very smooth height adjustment from a low sitting position to its highest point.


  1. Great ergonomic design
  2. Easy to assemble
  3. Very durable design and easy to keep clean
  4. Supports up to 250lbs
  5. Simple to assemble


  1. Padding is a little light
  2. Might take some time getting used to

3. Dr.lomilomi Hydraulic Saddle Stool Chair

Dr.lomilomi 2-Way Adjustments Saddle Stool Chair

The Dr Lomi hydraulic saddle is not only very easy to assemble but its added saddle protection cover will ensure you get extended use of this saddle chair.

Ergonomically designed to support good circulation and provide extra back and next support whilst encouraging good posture especially designed for the use by dental, medical, cosmetics and office industry, the Dr Lomi hydraulic saddle will help resolve muscle stress aches and pains whilst providing you plenty of support and balance whilst you work.

The seat is constructed from CFC free molded foam for extra comfort and back support it is coated with 100% PU vinyl which is also water and oil proof and abrasion resistant.

The hydraulic lift allows for very smooth sit adjustment from the lowest sitting position to highest, the extra tilt adjustment will ensure you gain the best sitting position helping to avoid back and neck aches. The back support is also independently adjustable for added comfort and ergonomic support. The five-point base provides excellent balance and smooth rolling in all directions on smooth surfaces.


  1. Very lightweight
  2. Very easy to assemble
  3. Hydraulic height adjustment
  4. Added back rest support
  5. Ergonomic design


  1. Wheels do not roll as well on the carpeted surface
  2. The backrest may not be ideal in all work environments
  3. Hydraulics do break down or get stuck

4. Master Massage Ergonomic Saddle

Master Massage Ergonomic Swivel Saddle

Designed by Master Massage engineers for better comfort and improved back support.

The seat is likely the best padded of many in its category unlike many though the foam is not simply glued to the base it is actually constructed onto the base and padded in the same manner. This makes for the most comfortable saddle stool whilst at the same, time its ergonomic design insures improved sitting posture and circulation to the base of your legs.

Because it is designed like a saddle it may take little getting used to your new positioning in the long run though it will help prevent the ongoing neck and back pains and strains that many professionals experience due to prolonged sitting as part of their work.

The benefit of a 360 swivel assists in easy free flowing movement on all surfaces including carpet. The pneumatic lifting mechanism allows for very smooth position shifting from its lowest through to its highest point.

The upholstery is not only hypoallergenic but it is also water and oil proof and comes with a five year warranty. Especially designed for the massage industry this swivel saddle stool has also been of benefit to many in the dental, surgical and other professions where prolonged sitting is required.


  1. 360 degree swivel and easy glide
  2. Supports up to 550 lbs
  3. 5 year warranty on seat
  4. Ergonomic design
  5. Very good Padding
  6. Encourages better sitting position


  1. The front of seat is wider than some
  2. Lowest position is about 20 inches

5. Grace & Grace Professional Saddle Stool

Grace & Grace Professional Saddle Stool chair

Ergonomically designed for long days use the extra padding ensures your comfort and provides extra support for good posture and helps prevent back and neck strain.

Designed specifically with nursing, medical, hairdressers, massage professionals in mind where the requirement if for prolonged standing and sitting which traditionally contributes to back and leg pain.

The saddle design also improves circulation and the particular molding of the saddle forms prevents slouching and supports better posture. 360-degree swivel design helps you work more efficiently and the smooth rolling while help you move around from different positions more effectively with causing any stress or strain on your back or spine.

As an added benefit the superior craftsmanship and parts used will allow you a durable saddle stool that will support up to 400lbs and for a full days work each day.

The seat is made from high quality new foam and upholstered in PVC leather providing you not just with an elegant look and feels but a heavy duty performing saddle stool, the back support adjustable independently provides for additional comfort and back support. 

Grace and Grace have kept up their standards of quality in designing and delivering a product that will benefit all its users whether at work, home or play.


  1. PVC Leather
  2. 360 degree swivel
  3. Heavy duty metal frame
  4. Supports up to 400 lbs
  5. Very easy to assemble


  1. Not very suitable on the carpeted floor
  2. Lowest setting 20 inches


All in all when considering what is the right choice for you there really is no absolute right or wrong it depends on your needs, your style and the purpose of your stool. Especially when considering the saddle stools you do need to take into consideration factors such as the type of flooring, how long are you going to be on your stool and what are the comfort level and budget you have allocated on spending for the purchase. Either way it may take two or three test runs to work out what is right for you so please bare in mind because the saddle stools require you to take up a different sitting alignment from a traditional office or work chair and although initially it might feel awkward or unnatural too many professionals have certainly benefited through adopting the use of a saddle stool for the purposes of improved working processes and better posture to dismiss the benefits at the initial comfort level.

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