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Used Aeron Chair

How to Save Money with a Used Herman Miller Aeron Chair


Buying used Aeron chairs can be a useful way to get yourself a premium level of seating comfort and give your back a luxurious and ergonomic feel that only a brand like Herman Miller can provide but without straining your budget.

The Aeron chair by Herman Miller is now one of the most iconic ergonomic office chairs around. It may perhaps be the only office chair to go down in history. It has even made it to a permanent museum exhibit collection.

It’s not surprising that a lot of people want to experience the comfort and support that only Aeron can give. Most consumers, however, get stumped by the price.

It’s a good thing you’ve got other options left, such as used Aeron chairs. This technique allows you to enjoy genuine Aeron chairs, in all their much-hyped glory, but without spending too much.

Not all cheap used Ofiice chairs are worth buying, but if you choose correctly, you’ll be one of those who enjoy a highly comfortable, bordering on luxurious, work experience.

Where to Buy Used Aeron Chairs

There are certain websites that specialize in selling used office chairs or used office furniture in general. They offer chairs from different brands and former users. Just choose your source properly.

Look for companies who take their work seriously. For example, certain used car companies require all cars to undergo a 29-point inspection by qualified technicians.

You can also look for websites that offer only used Aeron chairs, or go to online shopping sites such as eBay or Amazon because some items sold there are also offered secondhand.

Some furniture rental companies also sometimes sell used Aeron chairs after they are rented.

Tips on Buying A Used Herman Miller Aeron Chair

If you are about to buy a used Aeron chair, make sure to check a few things first. Here’s a checklist you can use as your guide.

1. Condition

Find out the true condition of the used Aeron chair. Is it an open box, pre-owned, retired color, or refurbished? Why is the original user selling it? It might be something about the condition of the chair.

Be very picky when it comes to the condition of the chair; you wouldn’t want to make a wasted investment. Also, keep in mind that the Aeron chair is an expensive and impressive piece of office furniture, so the original user must have a very good reason to give the chair up.

A good indication of a chair’s condition is a photo of the actually used chair being sold. You can also ask to see the chair in person and even try sitting on it. This is the best test for a used office chair.

2. Price

One of the good, although rather tricky, parts of buying used Aeron chairs is the price. Although they are all similar chair models with a few customized options, you’ll be surprised at the wide range of prices for a used Aeron.

This is good because it allows you to choose your preferred price range, but still get the same product. You can choose from chairs under $500 or over $1000 if that’s the budget you have available.

3. Warranty and return policy

Also, before you buy, make sure you know the warranty policy and whether they allow returns or product exchanges in case the product does not meet your expectations.

4. Size

Lastly, don’t forget to make sure that the size you get is the best size for you. Remember, the Aeron chair comes in three different sizes (A, B and C) to provide you with a more customized feel for your body type.

Why Used Aeron Chairs Won’t Disappoint

Don’t worry, the Aeron chair is one of the most ideal office chairs around, so you won’t find that many problems even with used versions. Herman Miller’s guarantee still goes with you.

Even when used, an Aeron chair will still provide you with all its outstanding office chair features and the highly resilient materials used in the construction of the chair. These features include:

  • PostureFit
  • GREENGUARD certification
  • Pellicle mesh material

Not to mention the fact that, with an Aeron chair, you become a part of office furniture history, seeing as the Aeron chair, whether used or brand new, is now considered a cultural icon.

The Aeron chair was also designed to provide its optimum level of comfort for as long as 12 years, so even if you buy a cheap used Aeron chair with several years on it, you won’t be disappointed.

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