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Smart Buying Tips for Used Office Chair on a Budget


Used office chairs can make furnishing your office less of a burden on your pocketbook.

Whether you’re furnishing your business office or home office, expect to spend quite a sum in order to complete the ideal office setting. Think about all the things you will need. Desks, chairs, office equipment, computers and accessories, and so on, and the next thing you know, you’re paying more than you had in mind to spend.

But why don’t you save money with used office chairs instead of spending on brand new chairs? You can buy top-notch office chairs at prices that fit your budget by looking for secondhand or refurbished chairs.

Used Herman Miller Aeron chairs are available at a fraction of the price you would have to pay for brand new chairs.

The used chairs don’t come with all the added cost of shiny new chairs. The only challenge is in finding the right chair to buy and a seller you can trust.

Aside from considering all the usual characteristics that determine whether an office chair would be a good fit, you also have to consider additional requirements when dealing with used office chairs.

Here’s a guide on how to find used office chairs that will still give you good value for your money.

A. Useful Tips on Secondhand Chair Shopping

1. Start out by deciding what kind of chair you need. Do you need one with caster wheels or without? Do you need a high-back or a mid-back chair? Do you need an ordinary desk chair or a computer gaming chair? Do you need armrests or not? What are your specific ergonomic requirements? Making all these decisions will help narrow down your choices.

2. Go online and check shopping websites: Look specifically for secondhand or used office chairs. There are a lot of used Herman Miller office chairs available on eBay and Amazon. Usually, chairs are re-sold when the consumer who first bought it decides that it does not fit their body shape or build or if it’s not ergonomic enough considering their specific needs. So it won’t be hard to look for used office chairs that are only slightly used or are almost completely new.

If you have time, check out thrift shops and local furniture stores in your area and see what they’ve got. When buying online, it is important to see an actual photo of the item, not just a generic photo. An actual photo will show the actual state of the used office chair.

Check to see if there are garage sales being held in your area.

3. When buying directly from a seller, you can also try negotiating the price to get an even better deal. Sellers usually expect this so they tend to price higher than necessary.

4. Ask sellers if you can return the item if it does not turn out as promised. Always ask sellers whether there are glitches you have to consider. Are all the adjustments fully working? If he says yes, but it turns out that one of the adjustments like the seat height adjustment or tilt adjustment is not working anymore, then you have the right to demand your payment back for false advertising.

5. Look for refurbished office chairs instead of just used ones, especially if you are looking for a cushioned/fabric-covered chair. The cushioning in an office chair can get worn out and this will surely lead to discomfort on your part.

Used or secondhand sellers sell these chairs as they are, while sellers who refurbish first replace the seating, adding new cushioning to it. Chairs with casters are best bought as refurbished.

6. Always do a close and thorough inspection of the used office chair you bought once it arrives. Some sellers may allow you a few days to return the item after you purchase it. Warranty or return guarantees for used office chairs are very limited, so make sure to do the inspection as soon as possible.

B. Used Ergonomic Chairs: What You Should Not Forget

Don’t forget to consider all the important ergonomic requirements in office chairs, even when you’re only buying used chairs. Make sure that the chair still offers:

  • Good lumbar support
  • Adjustability options
  • Tilt mechanism
  • Armrests
  • The right material (whether fabric, leather, or mesh)
  • Good durable casters

Because you’re buying secondhand, you should not let your guard down. Ergonomic chairs should still be your top priority.

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