What to Look For in a Heavy Duty Office Chair

What to Look For in a Heavy Duty Office Chair


A heavy-duty office chair may not be the most convenient item to buy when furnishing an office, but it is one of the most cost-effective investments you can make. A heavy-duty chair will serve you for many years.

It saves you money because its overall cost can be distributed throughout all the years you use it, and it also saves you time looking for new chairs every few years or so.

Aside from that, employees will also be immensely satisfied, which, in turn, will improve their work performance. That’s why some companies really do invest in heavy-duty chairs.

These chairs are not hard to find based on their prices; they are, as expected, a bit more expensive than other offers. However, the problem in buying the best heavy duty chairs is that it’s difficult to know whether a chair model is really of high quality and how long it will last.

What to Look For in a Heavy Duty Office Chair

1. Comfort: There are some important features your heavy-duty office chair should have. These features can help you weed out the chairs that look heavy-duty but feel uncomfortable. In buying heavy duty chairs, don’t just look for optimum durability since there’s no point in buying a chair that will last longer if you can’t bear to sit on it for long periods because it is not comfortable. Thus, such a chair should also provide maximum comfort.

2. Adjustability: To ensure your maximum comfort, heavy-duty chairs should provide adjustability so it still matches your body and preferences regardless of your body size and table size/height. Other adjustments would also be helpful; preferably, you should also look for chairs with:

  1. Adjustable lumbar support
  2. Adjustable backrest
  3. Adjustable armrest

3. Durable seating material: Also, to ensure the durability of the entire heavy duty office chair, the seating should have durable foam that is resistant to wear and tear. The foam should not sag or thin out even with frequent use.

4. Durable casters and wheels: One of the most easily worn out parts of an office chair, aside from the seat cushion, is the bottom part comprised of the caster and wheels. These are what ultimately hold the weight and they are also responsible for moving the chair along the ground.

If the casters and wheels are not durable and this part breaks down first, it won’t matter if your seat cushion is still very plump.

5. Durable frames and high backrests: Another part that bears quite a burden is the frame of the chair. The back frame is what holds the weight each time you rest your back. If the frame of the chair gives way, you’ll have a hard time finding a comfortable back-friendly sitting position even if the rest of the chair is still good as new.

It also helps if the frame and backrest are high so you can fully rest his or her entire back. Check, however, if the chair has proper lumbar or lower back support.

Why You Need Heavy Duty Office Chairs

Not all offices need to invest in expensive heavy duty office chairs. Regular chairs do have long enough life spans, and if you don’t really need it, you won’t make the most out of your investment.

However, a heavy-duty chair often becomes necessary when you have a slight to heavy build. Usually, heavy-duty chairs can support the weight of up to 400 pounds.

Also, some companies also use heavy duty office chairs due to the nature of work that has to be done while seated on them. For instance, these chairs are especially common among customer service centers; these chairs help improve the comfort and relaxation of the employees, who spend hours, including graveyard hours, seated on their office chairs.

Usually, employees also have shifting hours, so the chairs are in use 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Just any chair obviously won’t do the trick.

Proper ergonomic features help to ease the stress that is placed on various parts of your body when you stay seated for a long time.

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