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Which Chair Adjustments Matter

Which Chair Adjustments Matter?


Adjustable office chairs are ideal when buying chairs in bulk for a large workforce.

Since different people will occupy the chairs with different body types, heights, and sizes and you can’t really spend too much time shopping for every single employee, you had better look for adjustable chairs.

These chairs allow you to make a number of adjustments so that the chair will fit you comfortably and promote a healthy ergonomic sitting position.

But there are a lot of adjustable office chairs out there. Which ones should you pay attention to?

Try to look for chairs that offer the following adjustment options…

Which Chair Adjustments Matter?

1. Height of the Backrest: The ideal height for the backrest of an ergonomic chair should be anywhere between 12 and 19 inches. Since chairs are not customized for you, your safest option is to buy adjustable office chairs that allow you to adjust the backrest.

If you prefer adjustable office chairs with the backrest attached to the seat, the backrest should be adjusted backward or forward. There are also chairs that have separate backrests; in such cases, the backrest should be adjustable in both height and angle.

To prevent any untoward incidents, such as the backrests going far too backward, there should also be a locking mechanism in place.

2. Height of the Seat: The ideal adjustable office chairs should also allow you to adjust the height of the seat. Since we have no control over the height of tables and workplaces, especially since interior designers are now exploring innovative ideas in terms of furniture design, it helps to have a seat that can be made lower or higher for tall Persons and short persons.

There is an ideal relative height between the table and seat. The seat should be high enough that your arms are parallel to the ground when it is placed on the tabletop. This is the most comfortable position especially for those who type a lot.

This, however, is also affected by your height. So just to be sure and to avoid straining the arms, the height of the seat should be adjustable.

3. Tilt of the Seat: Next, the seat should also be tilted forward or backward. Most chairs allow you to adjust the height of the seat, but tilt adjustment is a very distinct feature found mostly in ergonomic chairs. Being able to tilt the seat of an adjustable office chair can provide a more customized level of comfort to you.

4. Depth of the Back Cushion: Aside from that, the backrest should also be adjustable in depth. If you sit in front of the computer for long hours, being able to adjust the depth of the backrest will prove especially helpful in providing relief for the tired body.

5. Lumbar Adjustments: One important feature of an ergonomic chair is that it should provide proper lumbar support, or lower back support. This means the chair should provide support for the lower back area, which is supposed to have a properly supported inward curve.

A truly ergonomic chair should allow you to adjust the height and depth of the lumbar support system so you can find the perfect fit for the curved part of the back.

6. Adjustable Arms: It also helps if adjustable office chairs allow you to adjust the armrests as well. This is an often neglected feature, even in some ergonomic chairs. Most office chairs come with fixed armrests, so this is probably where you’ll have the most problem when you start shopping around.

The rule is that an ideal office chair should have an armrest so that the arm is properly rested while the hands are moving and typing. This relaxes the shoulders and the elbows.

But if you are allowed to adjust the armrest, you can make it fit your body, with consideration for your height and the usual position of your arms when you work.

7. Swivel: The swivel option is the opposite of the adjustable armrest feature. While the adjustable armrests are not commonly found, most chairs offer the swivel feature. This allows you to rotate the chair easily so you can reach the immediate area surrounding your work area without difficulty.

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