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How A Simple White Office Chair Can Change Everything


white desk chair may not be the most common type of seating you’ll see in an office.

But even if most offices these days use mostly black or brown chairs, there is a simple understated elegance in the use of a white leather office chair or any other type of white office chair.

White is considered a neutral color, but it is often taken for granted. Why don’t you try it for yourself? Get a white office chair and place it in your office.

You’ll see for yourself just how much impact a white chair can make. Since they are not as common as black chairs, even a white chair with the simplest design tends to stand out.

Also, any type of white chair in an office always creates a mood. While black or brown chairs blend in with the environment, white chairs dictate the mood that will prevail in the room. For example, depending on the design, some white chairs can create a sleek and modern look and feel, while some chairs, with slats in the back and a wooden body or perhaps a wicker chair, can also re-create the atmosphere of a quaint little cottage. And with an all-white chair, the little accents can go a long way.

White desk chairs these days come in many different styles and materials; there are metal, plastic, chrome, wood, and wicker chairs in white. Some also use fabric upholstery while some use white mesh for breathability.

Some Tips on Buying White Office Chairs

1. Best material: Now, if you’re interested in a white chair for your office, do stay away from vinyl and plastic as they’re not the most durable materials used in a chair. Fabric is much better because it is more durable, but they do require meticulous care.

The most ideal would be a white leather office chair. Despite its being white, leather is not as vulnerable to stains as fabric is, and the usual dirt and dust can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

2. Constant care: And of course, white always show even the tiniest dirt on the chairs. This is why white office chairs are more recommended for use in conference rooms where they are used only occasionally. When it comes to maintenance, a white desk chair that you use every day for endless hours can be quite a hassle.

And if you have invested in a white desk chair, make sure you know what you’re in for. White chairs require frequent cleaning and constant care. One of the best materials for a white chair is wood since it can easily be repainted. Chairs with fabric cushions can also be re-upholstered.

3. Suitable design: Also, buying a white chair without choosing may end up making your office look like a sterile room in a hospital. With a white office chair, you need to surround the room with proper accents that make the chair belong to the room but also making it stand out nicely.

You should also consider the use you will put the chair too. If a chair is meant for a reception area, they have to be comfortable so visitors will feel welcome.

If a chair is meant for a board room, it is better to keep things simple as you wouldn’t want meeting attendees to slump comfortably and sleepily in a luxuriously padded, ultra-comfortable high-back chair.

Winning Style: Zuo Lider Contemporary High-Back White Office Chair

Zuo Lider Contemporary High-Back White Office Chair

With all these special tips and reminders on buying the right white chair for your office, it can be quite a challenge to find the perfect piece. Thankfully, Zuo ingeniously came up with the Lider, a contemporary-looking elegantly designed high-back white chair.

It has a unique leatherette backrest design featuring subtle stripes, combining a retro and a modern look. This is framed by a durable chrome steel tube frame, which doubles as a sleek and futuristic accent.

This is matched by the polished cast aluminum arms. For easy cleaning, you just need to wipe the leatherette material with a damp cloth.

The Zuo Lider white office chair also allows several adjustments, again meeting another important requirement in office chairs. These adjustments include adjustable height (with a range from 17 to 19 inches) and a locking tilt mechanism.

Zuo has several other iconic white chairs in its collection. Check out the Modern Director in white if you want more cushioning, the Modern Eco if you want a more ergonomic design and the Modern Criss Cross for backrest breathability.

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