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Why Reclining Office Chair

Why Reclining Office Chair?


A reclining office chair can be the ultimate source of comfort in a highly stressful workplace. If you deal with demanding business issues or often pull all-nighters, then office recliner chairs would be a blessing indeed.

Office chair recliners go beyond the comfort promised by ergonomic chairs. Reclining deck chairs are chairs with backs that can recline; at the same time, a footrest unfolds to accommodate your feet as you sit back. The armrests also adjust to accommodate your arms at the right position.

Reclining office chairs are also ergonomically designed, especially with regard to the degree of recline and the position of the armrests and footrest.

They often offer different incline levels, starting from a very slight incline and going all the way until you are lying flat and almost parallel with the ground.

However, reclining office chairs are not just designed to provide ergonomic support for the crucial areas affected when you sit down for a long time. These crucial areas include:

  • Lower back
  • Thighs
  • Arms/shoulders
  • Feet

Reclining office chairs are designed as ergonomic recliners and to provide support for the entire body.

Innovative Features of Reclining Office Chairs

Aside from the different recline levels, office chair recliners also come with several innovative features. Here are some of the features you’ll find on the market:

  • Headrest or pillow
  • Vibration/built-in massage system
  • Heat generation/built-in heater
  • Elevating leg rest
  • Electric riser reclining chairs (you can recline them with a single push of a button)

Reclining office chairs come in different types and materials. There are wood, leather, fiber, and fabric models. In the office setting, the most suitable would be leather because it is very comfortable but it is more durable.

Factors to Consider When Buying Office Chair Recliners

1. Comfort and Support

A reclining desk chair will only be able to provide any reasonable amount of comfort if it has proper support systems for crucial body areas.

  • Leg and thigh support – a leg rest or a foot stool
  • Neck and head support – a headrest
  • Lumbar support – a locking mechanism for the maximum ergonomic recline

2. Space

Since these chairs require space to recline and expand, they are only ideal if you have enough space in your office.

3. Cost

Reclining office chairs are wise investments for a busy office executive who spends long hours at the office. Make sure to compare different prices. The expensive models should at least have special features such as massage or heat generation.

4. Reviews

It helps to check out consumer reviews to get an idea of how these chairs really feel. Don’t just buy based on manufacturer claims. It’s hard to buy a reclining office chair, especially if you’re interested in ordering online.

Since you won’t be able to get a firsthand feel on how comfortable a chair really is, the next best thing to do to gain meaningful and helpful info is to read actual feedback from real customers.

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